Monday, August 29, 2011

Who am I?

I am me. I don’t really like to talk to myself about myself because it makes me feel cocky? Maybe not cocky, but maybe a little arrogant. It makes me feel like I’m full of myself, to say “I’m so creative, I’m so this. I like blah.”  Maybe that’s just me. I’m a pretty shy person when it comes to who I am personally. I guess you could say, I’m one of those gals who you just have to know over time because just learning about someone through a few lines in a paragraph won’t get you anywhere.  Okay, for starters my name is Sade. Now a lot of people seem to get my name wrong. It’s always a ‘Sadie’ here or a ‘Sahday’ there. It’s like most people can’t fathom or even wrap their minds around the fact that my name is pronounced with the ‘Sh’ sound. Let me clear this up, it’s Shah-day. I’m named after the jazz singer, you know, the one that sings about a Smooth Operator or how there’s no Ordinary Love? No? Most young people nowadays don’t really know who that is, so I’m always a little shocked and delighted when someone says my name right and then on top of that says, “Well, it’s just like the singer.” Brings a tear of happiness to my eye.
            So I was born here in Philadelphia on the top floor of Hahnmann Hospital at 4:32pm. Been living in the same house for the past nineteen years, and boy I’ll probably be living in that house for another two.
            Hopefully I’ll be traveling the world… well maybe not the whole world, but certainly the Far East side of the world. See, I want to go into animation, illustration and concept work particularly in the gaming world, but if I was stuck with non-gaming work, I’m sure I’d be content. Now almost anyone knows Korea and Japan are huge when it comes to gaming and animation. And those are the two places I want to work. Mostly in Japan mainly because their CG work is amazing and just delicious to look at but also because I’ve always been in love with their culture and history and traditions.
In the past year, I’ve been working my ass off to get to Tyler. I’ve been concentrating on nothing but Tyler and I almost thought I wasn’t going to get in because of how terrible my financial status is. See, like a good mother, my mom is making me pay for everything. You know, because she had to pay her way through Temple University. Oh, did you know that? My mom graduated Magnum Cum-whatever, and she did it working three jobs while still being a full time student. Sigh, she always has to remind me of that. But I almost thought I wouldn’t be able to come here because I didn’t have enough money for Tyler. But look where I am now.

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